FOCUSED on Focusing(Testing)

As I sat in my car and focused on the word “FOCUSED“. I actually felt focused, I find that ironic. Suddenly I felt a small smile creep up on my face. This small smile made me focused on the reason I am smiling. Which switched my focused thoughts; just maybe smiling does not require me to be so focused

I let out a small chuckle and decided to refocused on the word and see what I could come up with. Such a small word that I never realized had so much power. So as an exercise I decided to chant the word focus over and over for one minute and see what happens:

I used my cellphone to set an alarm to go off in sixty seconds. I then took three deep breaths in and out. I repeated the word focus over and over. What I noticed was, my mind would tried to drift back to other thoughts, in between those paused transition back to repeating the word. This happened several times, I would remain focused and repeat the word. The last half of the time I was able to completely focus on just the word. My mind was clear and calm.

And this is how you I spent my lunch break, trying to be more focused. I will note that I only chose to write on my lunch break because my mind was all over the place. I had no idea this would be today’s topic. I went searching for today’s topic in an effort to focus on something.

Sometimes the universe just sends you exactly what is needed.


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