Benefits of Black-Eyed Beans

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Benefits of Black-Eyed Beans

Black-eyed beans is often referred to as black eye peas, however they are actually a bean. They are cream-colored that has black specks. In some tradition, they are considered lucky. They are thought of to bring prosperity throughout the new year. These beans are thought of as an anti-inflammatory food.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of black-eyed beans.

Inflammation has been linked to the start of diseases in the body. That is the very reason that including these beans into your diet can help fight against chronic inflammation.


       Loaded with fiber, which regulates bowl movements and improving the health    of the body overall.

🛑 Anemia

      When one’s diet lacks iron, it can cause the feeling of fatigue. Black-eyed beans has plenty of iron, folate and vitamin B which contributes to create red blood cells.

🔅Blood Pressure

    Black-eyed beans can lessen the risk of heart disease. Due to the contents of   potassium and other minerals, these beans help regulate a healthy blood pressure level. This bean is a heavy hitter, weighting in at 20 percent of your daily potassium requirement.


Folate has a purpose, it helps facilitate the body use of amino acids as well as vitamin B12. Aiding with anemia and creating new cells in the body. Folate is especially important for consumption in pregnant women.

👀Skin and Eye

Black-eyed beans are loaded with Vitamin A. Vitamin A will help with the production pigments in retina of the eyes. It also aids with healthy skin and producing mucus membranes.

Bean Salad

Black-eyed beans can be added to soup, salads or just eaten a side. They are available frozen, dried and even in cans. The benefits for eating these beans are worth it and they are delicious. Black-eye beans are low in fats/calories, filled with fiber, protein and potassium. As an added bonus, don’t forget to have your fill on New Year’s Day for a prosperous year.

Click here for a Vegan Instant Pot: Vegan Creamy Black-Eyed Peas (Beans) recipe.


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