Beauty Tip for a Natural Pinker Lips Look!

Beauty Tip for a Natural Pinker Lips  Look!

In three steps you could have a natural pinker lips look. Don’t judge my pictures, I tried to multi-task this morning and was in the middle of traveling to work and testing while at red lights. Please see steps and results below. 💋


Step 1

Clean lips and dry them. I think I have some tissue residue on my lips. 👄

Clean Lips
Step 2

Put on a coat of red lipstick! 💄

Red Lipstick


Step 3 (Finally pink lips) 😚

Wipe off the red lipstick. I used my daughter’s “my little pony” tissue. Shh, don’t tell her. Then I applied a nude gloss. Use clear gloss for best results. Tada!

Pink Lips

A special thank you to the beautiful Halle Berry for this wonderful beauty tip.

Photo Credit: Famous Biographies


Quote of the Day:

quoteLove Simone ❤️


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