How Running Helped Conquer My Fear of Bridges!

An Adventure is A Foot…

As I was running this morning, I had to cross several bridges. So I started to think about how comfortable I now am running over them. A few years ago, I would seek another running path if it meant I had to go over a bridge.

Two years ago, I was looking to run a 5k, on short notice. I like to find runs that will benefit a good cause. I found a race that would benefit firefighters spouses and their families. It was in Philadelphia, the race mentioned the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. I did not really read the details of the race, I assumed we would run pass the bridge.


So there I was race morning at the fire station. I knew no one, I quickly made friends with a young lady. I found out her name was Jennifer. She inquired about my experience with this run, and I told her it was my first time.

Then she said to me, “it’s pretty awesome, you get to go over the bridge.” I tried to play it cool, but my insides was in panic. I smiled and pretened to be excited, I was scared as &*$*.

There was no turning back, I had paid for the race, I had drove over 30 minutes and trained many hours for this event. You have to do it, I told myself, you have to do it. So the race gun went off and I took off, I was anxious the entire time. I had no idea when the bridge would show up, I felt like it was hiding and would just pop out and scared me.

When I hit the bridge, it was solid, I began to walk. Jennifer ran by me and said, “girl you got this.” Jennifer is good, cause I believed her. I started running and avoided looking over the edge. There were hundreds of people running across, from age 7 to 60 plus. I couldn’t be a chicken. So I ran up really fast and on my way back, I stopped. I had to stop, I had to take a look around and see this bridge. This bridge that cause me to feel so trapped, it was not even moving. Why was I so afraid, yes there is an underline danger but that’s part of life. I was looking out over the bridge, cars passing by really fast, people running by and the water was almost frozen still, there was a senss of beauty and peace. In that moment something clicked, it wasn’t just the sound of my camera taking selfies on the bridge. I felt brave, I said to myself, “you did it.”

It was a freeing, I no longer felt bound to that scared feeling. Now I don’t associate bridges with the fear I once felt, I look at it as something I conquered. It was not easy being brave but it was worth it. Today I ran over several bridges with a sense of pride with a small smile on my face. In the words of the great P. Diddy-take that-take that. 😆😂

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