Beauty Tips For Hands

Beauty Tips For Hands

We often focus on the beauty of the face but what about those lovely hands. Our hands have many chores, they need attention as well. They need pampering and relaxation time; so they can look nice and beautiful.

Here are some tips below to help beautify your hands:



Invest in a nice moisturizer; use it up to three times a day. Apply the moisturizer after you wash your hands. During the summer months, use a light moisturizer and in the winter try a heavier one. Winters can be rough on our hands, so apply as much as possible.


Want Soft Hands Try this Homemade Hand Scrub Recipe

Get a manicure at least once a month. If you cannot afford to go to the salon, you can still pamper your hands right at home. Here is a good DIY HAND SCRUB that can exfoliate your skin. A good exfoliation and massage can help revitalize your hands.


When washing your hands, stick to using lukewarm water. Water that is too hot or too cold can cause damages to your hand. Try to use a soap that has moisturizer included to avoid drying out your hands.


Scrubbing your hands is important, try to do it at least once a week. When you scrub your hands, it rids them of the dead skin. It will leave your hands looking brand new. Use the DIY HAND SCRUB recipe above, or create a simple one with brown sugar and olive oil. If you could also use just the brown sugar, the olive oil will help keep your hands moisturize. If you choose to use the olive oil, then use a mild soap and lukewarm water to wash your hands.


Raise your hands if you love a good massage! A hand massage can be very relaxing. Set aside five minutes at night to massage your hands then apply a good moisturizer and let it soak in. Check out these Cotton Hand Gloves available on Amazon, that can be used overnight or during the day for keep those hands soft.


A rubber glove may not give off the sexy vibes we desire. However, wearing a rubber glove during regular chores such as washing dishes can keep your hands looking pretty good. It can avoid damages to your hands.


When filing your nails be sure to file in one direction, this provides a more smooth texture. Filing back and forth can split the nails and make them break faster. I started filing my nails every day, I immediately notice that my nail did not break as often. Since filing my nails every day, I am able to catch the nails and breaks before they happen. You are being proactive and catching those little annoying snags ahead of time.


They are cuticle oils and creams available right in stores to help them stay protected. Use one of these options at least twice a week, to keep your cuticle from looking dry or cracking. For a DIY, use a few drops of essential oil (lavender, peppermint, vitamin e, etc.) overnight and wash using lukewarm water in the morning.



Believe it or not, eating right can make a big difference in your hands being soft and your nails flourishing. The natural vitamins will give you nice soft looking hands.

Bonus Tip:

If you use nail polish on the regular, make sure to always use a base coat. The base coat will help the polish last longer while protecting your nails.

May your hands remain soft, supple and beautiful!🌹

 Love Simone❤️



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