Get Over The Hump: Letting Go & Feeling Free

Get Over the Hump: Letting Go & Feeling Free

Define what is within your control.

When you find yourself lost in worry, stop and take a second to evaluate if you have control over the situation. You can’t stop the rain from coming but you can prepare yourself from getting wet. Remember what others do is not within your control but how you react is your responsibility. Direct your energy towards the things you can control.

Concentrate on your influence.

You cannot force things to always go your way. You can bring a horse to the water hole however you can not force the horse to drink the water. Your influence will increase if you concentrate on changing your actions. If you find yourself in a position where you must give advice, then give it once and move on. Don’t get caught up in trying to fix everyone’s problems.

Know your fears.

When you know your fears, you find a deeper understanding of your actions. Our fears can block us from seeing a positive outcome. Remember that you are stronger after overcoming obstacles that seemed impossible. Focus your energy towards a positive outcome. Know that your fears are not the final answer.

Have a plan to manage your stress.

Taking care of you is vital to keeping your stress level manageable. Eating well, exercising and getting plenty of rest has been linked to reducing stress. You are able to function at a higher level when you have less stress. Picking up a new hobby or even meditation can help with distracting you from the everyday stress. Find something that brings you joy even if it is only five minutes. Avoid being around people that always complain about their problems; energy is contagious. Pay attention to the times you feel stress the most and try to make a plan on how to deal in those scenarios. Taking a few deep breathes can help reset your mood.


Creating affirmations (small phrase lines) that can either help with staying calm or taking action. If you find yourself waking up each morning with thoughts that, “Today will suck.” Try a positive affirmation instead, “Today will be a great day.” Sometimes you have to will your thoughts towards the positive side. Positive affirmations are important because they can help through a bad day. Remember: “You can do it, you will make it happen, and you got this.”

Stay Positive! Stay Strong! Stay Hopeful! Stay Stress Free!
Love Simone❤️



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