You Have The Right To Say, “If You Cheat I Am Leaving.”

Yes! You have the right to say, “If you cheat I am leaving.

Yes! It’s call standards.

Yes! This is for him and her.

While cheating is not a new phenomenal in this world, it seemed to have become an acceptable behavior. I think it’s an immoral act. You should feel comfortable establishing and speaking to your partner about what you are willing to accept as well as not accept. Speaking from from my own experience here are my views on cheating.

Cheating is a breached of a contractual agreement between two parties.

See Contract Below:

Two parties agreed to be in a committed relationship and it was just those two that agreed; then no one else should ever be involved.

If either party decided that they are interested else where, then a new agreement must be reached.

To reach a new agreement then a discussion must be had between said two parties.

If either party does not agree upon the new terms brought forth; then the parties may decide to terminate the contract.

Contract is automatically voided, once another party is brought in without an amendment to the agreed upon orginal contract.

Violation of said contract is deemed abusive due to the emotional damage it causes to the parties involved.

You don’t have to take that from anyone. Love is kind and not rude. The best proof of love is trust.

There are many steps to cheating:

The invitation into such situation is already too much. Furthermore making the arrangements for it to happen. Then keeping those plans and probably had to lie your partner to go cheat. Maybe drive to meet up, so there is time to think and turn around. The point is at no point did you remember your partner/agreement. Why should they have to stay with you?

Now if you choose to stay and work it out, it’s your choice. I have heard many stories of people surviving cheating in their relationship and I have heard the dark side as well.

It is possible to create a new future, I do believe anything is possible. Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. The point is you have a choice, stay or leave. Just be honest with yourself.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

Self Love Monday!

Love Simone ❤


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