Why Do You Forgive People?

While at dinner one day with a girlfriend, she mentioned she did not understand why I am so forgiving to others.

She said, “you always forgive everyone, I don’t get it”.

So I sat quietly and listened to her give examples of some of the things I have forgiven. When she was done speaking and I took a sip of my drink and began to respond to the question on the table.

“Why do you forgive so much?”

I went into my explanation.

“I forgive because I’ve made many mistakes in life that others have forgiven me for. I forgive because I refuse to keep anger inside of me. The anger taste bitter and the freedom taste better. I refuse to allow others to live rent free in my head while they carry on with their lives carefree. If I can be forgiven then I should offer the same compassion to others.”

Forgiveness brings inner peace.


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