6 Friday Funnies. Let’s Laugh!

  1. Wife: “Whenever I keep money in my purse, our son steals it!
    I don’t know what to do?”
    Husband: “Hide it in his books. I know he will never touch them.”
  2. What did the astronaut’s fiancé say when he proposed in open space?
    “I can’t breathe!”
  3. FOR SALE BY OWNER… Complete set of encyclopedia Britannica. 45 Volumes. Excellent condition. $100 or best offer. Reason for sale: No longer required. Got married last weekend. Wife knows everything.
  4. Teacher: “Whoever answers my next question, can go home.” One boy throws his bag out the window. Teacher: “Who just threw that?” Boy: “Me, and now I’m going home.”
  5. A company owner was asked a question, “How do you motivate your employees to be so punctual?”
    He smiled & replied, “It’s simple. I have 30 employees and 29 free parking spaces. One is paid parking.”
  6. A man enters the kitchen, opens the sugar box, looks inside and closes it.
    He does it again and again. Why?
    Because the doctor told him to check his sugar levels regularly.

Jokes provided by ajokeaday.com


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