Vegan Cherry Filling for Cakes, Tarts and Desserts!

Over the weekend we celebrated my daughter turning 3 years old. As a vegan, desserts is always tricky. So I decided to make everything from scratch to ensure it was vegan friendly. I wanted to bake a chocolate cake but I wanted to including a filling. I had so extra cherries that needed to be used up soon. So I began searching the web, I found this delightful website that had just what I was looking for.

A Cherry Filling is a simple, easy and effortless recipe that gets done in minutes and is an absolute treat you can use in so many different ways. Try a spoonful over your breakfast yogurt, stack of pancakes or waffles. Layer it between cake layers as a cherry cake filling, spread it in a prebaked crust as a cherry pie filling or spoon over your favorite desserts and ice creams and cherry dessert topping.  

Many thanks to for this Vegan Cherry Filling recipe. It is even more delicious than the picture could even give credit. Please check out the website for other recipes.

The Ingredients:

*Fresh Cherries, Sweet or Frozen Cherries (2cups or 7oz)

*Sugar (your preference) (1/4 cup)

*Cornstarch (1tbsp)

*Lemon Juice (1tbsp)

*Water (1/4 cup)




*Mason Jar


*Prepare your fresh cherries by washing and deseeding.

*Place all ingredients in the saucepan.

*Cook on low to medium heat until the sugar began to dissolve.

*Continue cooking on low until the mixture thickens.

*Once it has reached the desired consistency then pour into a mason jar.

*Let it cool completely.


When the mixture is ready, it will have a glossy appearance. If it can coat the back of a wooden spoon then it is ready.



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