Game Night: (A Movie Review)


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Funny & Entertaining!

A Must See Movie!

Last night was a impromptu at home date night for my husband and I.

I picked the movie Game Night. It was a blind pick, as I had no idea what the movie would entailed. Turns out the movie Game Night was and is the perfect date night movie. It was hilarious, we laughed the entire movie. It was a light comedy and progressed at a steady pace. Jason Bateman (Max) and Rachael Adams (Annie) delivery was no surprise as they are always funny.

Jesse Plemons PictureJesse Plemons played Gary; a cop who lived next door to Annie and Max. I enjoyed every moment of him on screen. He was kept the movie interesting.

Kyle Chandler PictureKyle Chandler played Brooks; the older brother that got them caught up in trouble. I was surprised by his funny delivery. He added a serious yet hilarious bit to the movie.

Billy Magnussen Picture

Billy Magnussen played Ryan the not so smart friend that brings a different woman to game night every time. I have never seen this actor before but he definitely left his mark. He was very funny.

Sharon Horgan Picture

Sharon Horgan played Sarah, Ryan’s friend he brought to date night. Pay attention to her character; listen closely to the things she say and her facial expressions.  She is smart and her delivery is funny.

Lamorne Morris PictureKylie Bunbury Picture

Lamorne Morris (Kevin) and Kylie Bunbury (Michelle) played the close friends to Annie and Max. Their exchange over a secret that was revealed was amongst my favorite parts of the movie. Kevin constantly found a way to bring up the matter, it was gut bursting funny. I would give the away too much more but when the wrap to the secret was even funnier.

Overall this movie delivered with a great cast.
A must see, and a great date night movie.

Rated ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




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