Healing in Benevento (Poetry)

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Plop, an olive falls from a tree

Silently strolling and observing;

Observing every vine on each olive tree

Silently strolling and observing;

Drenched in all the beauty to see


On a starless night; a hushed sound falls over Benevento

Nature singing below the constellations

Bugs soaring nearby; adorned with their liberty

An unfamiliar bray in the distance

An aromatic smell of delicacy in the air


Echoes of a banging sound lingers

Near the small village of Pietrelcina

Calculating ix rebound bang, thus far

Bringing forth fragmented memories of a childhood toy

Refusing to lose the sensation of the present moment


At a crossroads; which way to go

Towards Telesia warm bath water or the valley of Camposauro

Waited awhile to embark on this journey

Depending on the heart for answers

Does less equals more


Looking up to the stars

Astounded by the heart overflowing

Memoirs of a great love shared

A sense of closure; healing

For a once heartbroken widow



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