My Favorite, My All. (Poetry)

beautiful, hands, heart

You are my favorite color,

A bright red burning true,

A warm tinkling on the inside,

A sweet aroma of fresh morning dew.

You are my favorite hobby,

A magnetic pull; causing me to stare,

Adoring you brushing your hair.

You are my favorite food,

Appetizing like a vegan nacho spread,

Craving the thoughts in your head.

You are my favorite friend,

An endless blessing raining from the skies,

Your kindness is endless,

Like the warmth in your eyes.

You are my favorite dream,

Enchanted by your charms,

Subdued by your love,

Visions of being in your strong arms.

You are my favorite art piece,

A classic that never goes out of style,

Weaken to the knees,

Every time you smile.

You are my favorite scenery,

Like a rainbow above a waterfall,

Baby I just love you,

You are everything, you are my all.







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