A Few Running Tips for Summer Running.


Yin and Yan! Some summer days feels like they were made just for you to run. Then some summer days are humid and the heat feels like it wants to punish you. The heat can affect pace and breathing. It may feel like your body is struggling to cool down and making your efforts feel like you are working overtime.

Don’t be discouraged or let the summer heat scare you away from running. Here are a few tips to kick summer heat’s butt.

Adapt! Don’t Fight Against the Heat

People Running during Daytime

It can take a few weeks for your body to adapt to the heat. Run at a slower pace and manage your intensity. Just enjoy the run. After about two weeks, your body will start to become comfortable with cooling itself down.


Women's Wearing Purple Floral Brassiere Holding Gray Concrete Pathway during Day Time

Wear loose clothing, it will allow your skin to breathe. Wear light colors which attracts less heat and making you feel cooler. Wear sun glasses to block the sun. Wear a hat/visor to provide shade for your skin and eyes.


Man Running in the Beach during SunsetBeat the heat by choosing to run early mornings or late evenings; these times are usually cooler. If you choose to run in the mornings, you may still run into humidity but you will avoid the heat. Mornings usually have a better air quality. Avoid running at high noon (unless you are in a duel) until about 3pm-5pm.


Woman in Red Top Leaning on Red Stability BallI am not a weather watcher until summer peaks its head. You can monitor the weather hour by hour. It will show when the sun rises and sets, as well as the humidity level. If you notice that there is a poor air quality, then plan to work out inside. The treadmills can be a great substitute for a run. If the treadmill is not an option, then try doing some HIIT cardio inside to replace your run.


Woman Drinking Water Beside MountainStaying hydrated is important no matter the season. Hydrate before running, hydrate during running and hydrate after running. I can’t stress enough how important it is to properly hydrate.


2 thoughts on “A Few Running Tips for Summer Running.

  1. Great tips for coping with the summer heat. Personally I try to get al my runs in early in the morning, or if I for some reason have to run in the afternoon, I’ll get onto the trails where the trees usually throw a bit of shade.

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