A Silent Lesson (Poetry)

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Sitting quietly in a room

Listening to the trying sounds of cracking nuts

As the participant chews loudly

Awaiting the teacher to begin the lesson

Untwisting through tangled strands of hair

A tickling sensation felt upon the neck

An embroidery thread swings around

Snapping at and reaching for the thread,

Now involved in a long-drawn out fight

The red thread evades

Remains hanging from hibiscus flower on the shirt

Enduring calm and shoving down the frustrated attitude

Suddenly the teacher walks in the room with his cane in hand

Looking partly disheveled

His feet and cane creating a rhythm

He awkwardly rubs the top of his head

He now holds everyone attention captive

He shifts his body as if his equilibrium is disturb

A sense of hush fills the room

Until the teacher spoke

His voice is calm yet appealing

Drawing every person focus towards him to listen

As they look forward, they began to write

There is an important lesson to be learned

As they listen upon his every word

He words has commanded feelings to stir

As he drew close to adjourn

The room is filled with gratitude

As his message was brilliant and cannot be unlearned.

by Love Simone


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