A Quest (Poetry)

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Raised up to volunteer

A quest accepted to slay the dragon

The village has issues a warning of the folly quest

A gift placed in hand; a golden flagon



Set out on the journey, wide-eyed

Walking up the tipped hill

Singing hallelujah, hallelujah

Pushing through with mighty will



The top of mountain looks like a small speck

Practically nowhere near

A vulture circling above

Still no fear



As the climb become steeper

The sandals straps tighten around the calves

A thunderous sound in the distance

Sword sharpen to cut whatsoever in halves



The distant grumbles calls for haste

Feet picking up momentum; rushing

Finally at the top of the mountain

Tiles cracking below; crushing



The moon shining brightly above

Seized by the beauty around

Taking a moment to pause

Noticing gems on the ground



Digging through the rocks on the ground

Exposing a pole in the middle of a hole

Below a thief screaming, for help from above

A few bags in hand of the things he stole


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