Straight and Narrow (Poetry)

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A perfect circle brought to form

A magical process for mankind

Persuaded by life, a quiet storm

Wrapped in the commands of love, bind

No longer a prisoner, freed

Time passes like a candle burning down to the wick

Grasping excitedly at fresh air, breathe

Amazed by the moments passing, quick


Preoccupied by all the possibilities

The pinched feelings diminishing

Like the warmth of fresh muffins, realities

A bough of hope, glistening


Picking up vibrant frequency, channel

The negativity dwindling, lesser

A semblance of miracles, warm like flannel

Feeling cunning like a fox, professor


No more blunders

On the straight and narrow

Celebrating loudly, roars; thunders

Keeping focus, eyes on the sparrows


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