An Unforeseen Destiny (Poetry)

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Searching the library and looking through books.

The seer has left a prophecy that has everyone the hook.

The jeweler has hinted to a gem being a clue.

Looking all over, as the number of books grew.


The prophecy speaks of the enlightened ones destiny.

The directions must be followed carefully.

It will reveal which door they will be entering.

There will be no more mottled theories from the elders mentoring.


It is time to figure out this tale.

It is tall like the wild weeds up the rails.

A tale fashioned in a legendary way.

An idea so casual, that three people will save the day.


The three are draped in expensive shiny garments.

No one is aware of their torments.

They are drafted in worries and uncertainty.

Their names will be written for eternity.


For thirty days they prayed.

They fasted over cereal and bread for days.

A closed circle, bonded together by fortunes foretold.

Their families were paid in untold gold.


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